4 thoughts on “Across the globe…

  1. Naomi Epstein

    Lior L. wants to go to Italy and Spain and New York.
    Liraz wants to go to New York too.
    Kasanesh would like to visit Holland, Thailand and South America.
    I hope everyone will go in the future!

  2. Anna

    Thanks Arlene. Joel Barish visited our school last September. He has visited an amazing number of countries and talked with so many interesting people.

    If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would like to see Australia and New Zealand. Pictures from both of these countries show lovely landscapes. And the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in New Zealand. Beautiful!

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  4. Naomi Epstein

    What a wonderful video! We know some people who met with Joel Barish when he was here. His project is a great way to bring people together!


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